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Original 4 oz Phin Coffee Filter

Original 4 oz Phin Coffee Filter

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A phin filter is a popular coffee brewing tool in Vietnam that makes approximately four ounces of coffee and traditionally consists of four pieces - a perforated plate that fits over your mug, a chamber that sits on top, an insert to tamp the grounds down, and a lid to hold in heat while the coffee brews.

Brewing a single cup of coffee with a phin normally takes up to four to five minutes. 

Since coffee in a phin is brewed very slowly, with a high ratio of coffee to water, it tastes stronger and bolder, similar to what you get with an espresso. To use a phin, you'll need hot water and coffee grounds of choice. For an authentically Vietnamese brew, don’t forget to use condensed milk as your sweetener. Enjoy!


It's never been easier to make your favorite Vietnamese coffee at home!

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