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Clarify Intention Incense

Clarify Intention Incense

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Natural and hand-rolled, these Clarify incense sticks are perfect for creating a focused vibe in your home office or anywhere you need that intentional energy. Use it when you feel the need for a mental reset, or to ease yourself gently from one phase of the day into the next.  Refresh your senses and revitalize your mind with the soft aroma and gentle tones in Clarify. If you need that extra mental boost during your next deep work session, the saffron notes can help increase your attention span and learning ability.

These incense sticks are natural, handrolled, sustainable and made according to a traditional Indian method, using ingredients like wood chips (from trees native to Southeast Asia), activated coconut shells, essential oils, and wild raw honey.


Create an environment to do your best work and live your most intentional life. It helps when you give yourself the tools to create that special ritual or practice. These incense sticks can help you reimagine the way you inhabit your space; with lovely notes of jasmine, saffron, and sandalwood. All of your senses will thank you.

For a thoughtful New Year's Eve ritual, try getting a set to incorporate into your daily meditation practice - a different scent (Euphoria, Create) for each day of intention-setting.

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